Information about Miss Melody Ching

Miss Ching's strengths include
-Teaching Math painlessly (Primary, Secondary and JC)
-Engaging students in discovering Science (Primary and Secondary)
 -Improving student's interest in English (Primary and Secondary)
- Preschool Primary 1 preparation (reading, writing and math)

Miss Ching's background
- Scorer of 9 Distinctions ( A grade) at 'O' and 'A' Levels
- Graduate of Nanyang Technological University, School of Computer Engineering
- Taught more than 50 students since 2010 when Melody Tuition was launched

Specialise in cases like these
- PSLE Math is too tough to handle and parents cannot understand too
- Student does badly in English because he does not have the habit of reading
- Student cannot remember science facts and needs constant drilling
- Preschools who can't read at Kindergarten level
- JC students under the pressure of difficult Math syllabus
- IB students who want the leading edge in their class


Melody's Story

After graduating from NTU with a degree in Computer Engineering, Melody desired to pursue her passion for small group teaching and decided to be a Mathematics home tutor. For the past 6 years, she found joy in building up individuals by coaching them in self-discovery and self-improvement.

Melody employs modelling techniques to tackle PSLE questions by collating them according to its kind. With such a method of ordering, students are able to apply the right steps toward the solution. Due to her extensive experience,  she has many tips and tricks to help O and A-level maths students navigate their way through challenging past year exam questions.

“My daughter can understand your explanations when group tuition did not help her understand it better.”
-Praised a parent whose 16-year-old studying at Chung Cheng High (Main).

“You make it seem so easy.”
-A 12-year-old PSLE student commented when I taught her the model method of solving the tough Maths problem.

“My daughter is way ahead of her grade level.”
-A proud parent whose child studies in an international school and has topped her standard for Maths.

She has experience coaching students to excel in Mathematics at PSLE,  O, N and A levels. As a result of her extensive experience, she has the role of project editor for various Maths assessment books with a local publisher.

She is also passionate about training aspiring tutors who want to learn the art of being competent and effective tutors.  Tutoring is viewed as a form of coaching students, not as a burden set upon them. With this in mind, Melody aims to coach tutors who themselves will coach students.

Having recovered from Bipolar Disorder since she was stricken in her early teens, Melody has triumphed over her difficulties through sheer determination and is now recovered.   Bipolar disorder affects the moods of an individual. It is no longer the case where Melody is bound to disability, but through empowerment she has emerged to tell her story.

Having conquered a mood disorder that afflicts many young people today, she has honed an ability to be better able to understand teenagers and their emotional states. Although she took longer than her peers to achieve success in the eyes of the world, she never gave up. For 6 years in her twenties , she concentrated on getting well. Her sheer determination to get well makes her a tutor who would never give up on her charges.  She can effectively lay out individual learning roadmaps for them to grow both academically and emotionally. Melody’s story has also been featured in the media as inspiration for many others. 

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