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List of qualified and experienced tutors
Compiled by Melody Ching (6th Dec 2016)

Please contact tutors directly for more details.
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For general inquiries, message Melody at 9018 1615. Tutors are free to quote rates according to level and location. Their slots are subject to availability.

Academic tutors

1 Ms Melody Ching
Subjects: Primary Mathematics, Science and English, Secondary Mathematics and Sciences , JC/IB/IP Mathematics.
Qualifications: NTU B.Eng
Years of experience: 6
HP contact: 9018 1615

2 Mr Philips Laulia
Subjects : JC/IB/IP, Secondary Physics, Mathematics
Qualifications  : Masters in Engineering, NTU
Years of experience : 6
HP Contact: 9382 1791

3 Ms Ye Meishan
Subjects : IB/IP/Secondary biology and chemistry.
Qualifications: B.Sc NUS , NIE
Years of experience: >8
Regions covered: Central and west
HP contact : 9625 2742

4 Mr Matthew Quek
Subjects: JC/IB/IP English and History
Others: Voice coach, public speaking
Qualifications : B.A , NIE
Years of experience: >10
HP contact: 9655 6540

5 Ms Christina Phua
Subjects: O Level Emath and Amaths
Years of experience: 10
HP contact: 9232 3189

6 Ms Serena Kow
Subjects : Primary and Secondary English
Years of experience : 10
Region covered: West
HP contact : 9276 6640
E-mail :

7 Ms Janet Leong
Subjects: O level Chemistry and lower secondary science
Years of experience : 10
Qualifications : Masters in Science, NUS
Region covered: North-East
HP contact : 9368 1675

8 Mdm Choy Ying Hun
Subjects : Primary English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese
Years of experience: >20 years as a school teacher
HP contact: 9740 9162

9 Ms Trina Lum
Subjects: Primary English, Mathematics and Science, lower secondary science.
Years of experience : 25 years part time
Region covered : West
HP contact : 9049 1968

Music and Sports

10 Ms Insanria
Swimming coach for children
Years of experience: 10
HP contact : 9762 7999

11 Ms Zaneta Heng
Piano teacher
Qualification: ABRSM Grade 8
Region covered : Bt Timah
HP contact : 9649 0694

12 Ms Rosita Wangko
Piano teacher, Choir mistress
Qualifications: taught at Cristofori for 4 years
HP contact: 9449 8769

In no way should this list be used for commercial purposes. It is to be circulated among parents and students who want a tidy list of individual education providers. Please refer to the above-mentioned website for an updated list.

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